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Wide Open Spaces

The Dixie Chicks weren't wrong. Wide Open Spaces do the mind and body good. We spent the weekend up north exploring, learning, connecting, and clearing our minds. As a society, we are bad at making time for ourselves. As women, we take this burden to an entirely new level. When we allow ourselves a little grace and some time to remove ourselves from the everyday grind, AMAZING things happen. Myself, Erin, and our gal Mere from Tiny Bits, packed up the Jeep and went up north for Camp Sweetwater. We had a blast, but also found inspiration in the act of doing everything but nothing at all...

Camp Sweetwater is an event dreamed up by the brain of one my favorite female, kick ass, boss babe entrepreneurs, Kalin. She is the owner and mega talented floral designer of Sweetwater Floral and Sweetwater Lavender Farm. She has also ventured into vacation rentals with the cutest tiny house on her property. This gal is a force and a personality that makes you love her even girl crush! It was a Saturday full of smoothies, french crepes, lots of coffee, yoga, flower arranging, hand lettering, wine, great food, styled tablescapes and most importantly making connections with other women (click this link for all the wonder vendors and partners).

We started our trip on Friday with pit stops in Traverse City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, and ending at our up north roadside motel with all the good retro lodge vibes. We spent Saturday on the farm and explored Harbor Springs on Sunday before hitting the road. Here are some scenes and favorite spots along the way.

Our ABSOLUTE FAVE floral shop! Think French country side meets Lake Michigan. It is stunning! Bloom Floral Design in Charlevoix, MI.

If you're headed up north and are looking for a charming affordable place to stay, we can totally recommend the Birchwood Inn. Super clean and well maintained. It's like a time capsule of goodness. The decor is aged, but once again on trend. Plaid wallpaper? Ummm yes! Also they had a lodge that was straight out of Dirty Dancing!

Some scenes from the farm during Camp Sweetwater.

Downtown Harbor Springs is darling and right on the water! We found a yummy and lovely breakfast spot, Colin's Corner Cafe! The decor was on point and two words...AVOCADO TOAST!

Overall best experience EVER! Sometimes we need a little break. A break from ourselves and the self doubt our brain creates when we don't let it relax. The opportunity to connect with other souls that felt the same, but were also trying to find their place in this life was super refreshing. No matter our role; mom, spouse, business owner, career woman, creative, married, single, daughter, friend we all have that in common. We are just trying to find our groove. Sometimes you just need Wide Open Spaces...cheese or not it's truth!

Thanks for popping on the blog to check out our adventures. What's your favorite up north destinations?



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