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Jewel Tones & Friends

Happy Monday! I spent the weekend doing three of my favorite things; 1. Visiting Friends, 2. Drinking Cocktails, and 3. Home styling (in that particular order)! Today on the blog I thought I would share some design inspiration and progress from our styling sesh at Stephanie and Adam's home. Get ready for some beautiful, bold jewel tones!

The only thing I love more than anything creative is hanging out with friends, family or friends that have become family! This weekend we got to do a little bit of it all. I've known Stephanie and Adam since my days at Ferris State University (Go Bulldogs)! We all were active members of the Greek community and Stephanie was my big sister in our sorority. Adam and Brian were also in the same fraternity and best friends. Soooo one big happy fam :) Just for fun here's a little flash back circa 2007...bangs and all hehe

Hope you enjoyed that little gem! Moving on...

Most people know their style and personal taste better than they give themselves credit for. The problem most people face when designing their own space is actually trusting those personal tastes while allowing room to experiment with something new or out of the ordinary. From the get go Stephanie was very certain she wanted to stick to a rich jewel tone color palette including pops of magenta, emerald, teal and even some purple.

Stephanie and Adam aren't afraid of texture, color, mixing of metals and woods, or bold prints they just needed a little help coordinating the elements into a look. They had already purchased the couch and accent chairs, so large furniture wasn't the focus, instead lots of accent and table top decor to give the space a little movement.

We spent all day Saturday shopping our booties off! Every time I do shopping for a space mine or someone else's, I start by creating a sourcing list of items I for sure want to see in the space down to every accessory, vase, throw blanket, pillow etc. I also purposely over buy. This allows you more option and room to experiment. Maybe you're envisioning a lamp on that entry table, but are a little unsure of height, scale, color etc having a couple options will allow you the flexibility to experiment without five trips/online buys to your fave home stores/sites. Yes you will have to do some returning, but again it reduces the stress of swapping one piece continuously.

I'm a visual person so, I also love to do a rough sketch of the room or if you want to get really fancy you can use a design program to layout the room.

Here are some our favorite details...

We still have some pieces to source, including a coffee table, pillows, and a couple more accessories, but overall the space got a real punch of character. Always remember that a space you really love takes time, planning, and searching. Rushing pieces or settling often leads to buyers remorse. Hopefully you enjoyed this little post with lots of colorful inspiration.

Thanks for popping by!



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