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Fall Apple Cider Beermosa

Hi! My name is Victoria and I am the newest member of the Bailey & James team. I was so excited when I was asked to create a feature for the blog. I'm a fall lover and creating easy ways to entertain always speaks to me. Today I'm sharing a super simple beverage perfect for all those fall festivities, an Apple Cider Beermosa. This is the perfect cocktail for an early fall BBQ or a football tailgate and it even has a fun local twist.

As a child, Robinette’s was always our favorite local orchard. Every year we would pick up cider and donuts while exploring the orchard. I decided to create an adult twist on your standard apple cider and put together a “Beermosa” featuring a local beer from Rockford Brewing Company.

Fall Apple Cider Beermosa


32 oz. of Robinette's apple cider (or your preferred local apple cider)

32 oz. of your favorite “non-hoppy” beer, I used Malph’s from RBC

1 apple, sliced


1. Cut apple into slices and drop into bottom of a pitcher

2. Slowly pour beer over the apples

3. Pour the apple cider into the pitcher

4. Stir gently, mix well, chill in the fridge and serve

*If you are afraid of the beer going flat, you could always pour to order instead of batching ahead of time.

This is such an easy way to infuse some fall flavor into your next get together. What are your favorite fall treats or local places to explore?



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