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Amber's Home Tour: Entryway

Hello and Happy Monday! Today I'm doing something I haven't done in a LONG time and that's sharing a little piece of our home on the blog. It's funny because the shop is a very different vibe than our personal space. Mostly because of this thing called compromise...apparently it's important once you're married lol. Bailey & James has always been my fun, quirky, colorful, alter ego. Our house has lots of traditional elements, mixed in with vintage finds, mid mod flare and a couple touches of bohemian. We have a little bit of it all at the shop, but curated in a more whimsical way.

To start, here's a little background. When we opened the shop, we were also in the process of searching for a new home. When we decided on Rockford as the shop location, we also thought it would make the perfect home for us. Brian (my hubby) and I have very different views on what makes a fab home. I'm more of a "character" gal. An old home with great bones is my go to. When Brian hears "character"he thinks "never ending projects, resulting in a never ending headache." Needless to say, we weren't always on the same page. In the end, Brian's practicality won. It was sad but, I realized that we weren't in the season of life where a project house was possible. We decided on a new build, but with the agreement that I could make my own additions to up the character game! It's still a work in progress (houses always are), but I'm so excited to finally start sharing it with all of you. Today, I thought we could start in the entryway!

People often ask, "How do you decide if something goes together. What's your process for creating a look?" My answer really isn't that complex. The things in our home our pieces we truly love, tell a story, have memories, and some just look so dang good and have no other purpose (let's be honest). I've tried to be more thoughtful in my selections (something I've learned to be better at as I've gotten older). As far as my creative process, it's equal parts experimenting, staying true to my own style (even if it's not popular at the moment), and Pinterest (Lol, again let's be honest).

Our entryway is pretty narrow, so I didn't want to overwhelm the space with lots of things. I approach my home much like my personal style. I'm an accessories gal, earrings, hats, scarves, bracelets, etc. Sometimes I get a little too wild, and have to edit myself. Same for a house. Accessorize until your heart is content then stand back, look, and edit. You'll often realize that not all of it is necessary to the overall design. Disclaimer: I'm not a designer by trade, I'm just a gal who loves pretty things and even more loves to move stuff around the house until I accomplish a look I'm happy with (a practice that drives my hubby insane, "Amber, where is the....!!!!")

Also, do you see me in the mirror above trying to take a photo? LOL this is real life. Anyone have any photography tips for photographing when a mirror is involved? Please share.

Let's chat sources....

Fresh Eucalyptus - Now available in the shop. It arrives on Thursdays! Be sure to pop in fast to grab a bundle before it's gone. $7.99

Bamboo Mirror - A find straight out of the 70s and I couldn't love it more.

Wall Baskets - I LOVE collections! I'm hoping to continue this one throughout the entry. Not all of these are thrift finds, some we found on trips, other's were given to us.

Brass Candle Sticks - These are a classic piece. Perfect for any style. We often carry these in the shop (we actually have a selection in the shop right now). For those that don't like to dig through multiple antique shops, thrifts, or flea markets, Bailey & James always has some unique vintage pieces available. This is thanks to our gal, Claire, our buyer on the East side of the state. Everything is hand selected and reasonably priced.

Runner Rug - Wayfair always has a good selection of rugs that are also budget friendly.

Blue Marbled Vase - Bailey & James! I love this vase. It's stunning and perfectly paired with fresh greens or a more colorful arrangement from our faux foliage bar. We have this vase in multiple sizes.

Entry Table - Wayfair, again they have some great statement pieces for a good price.

Here are some more close ups...

The first thing that I always notice when I walk into a home is artwork! Art always tells it's own story, but it also tells a story about it's owners. Every piece in our house has personal sentiment or meaning which makes us even more proud to display it. Brian and I LOVE to travel. When we started our adventures together, we tried to figure out a good way to capture these moments (we are the worst at taking photos while on vacation). We decided to start commemorating these trips with artwork found in the places we travel to. Galleries, street artists, markets, gift shops we never limit our search but we always try to find one piece that makes us happy. When you surround yourself by these gentle reminders in the form of art on a daily basis, it really does create a home in it's true definition (the one will all the good feels).

This little piece on the wall, is from a friends trip we took to Puerto Rico a few years ago. We found it wandering the streets of old San Juan. This time of year it's the perfect piece to grace the entry, especially on yucky winter days. A daily reminder that sun isn't too far away.

Well I hope I was able to provide a little inspiration. My biggest piece of advice to anyone trying to decorate a home, is to just do you boo. I love following trends and being inspired by them too, but not every trendy little thing is for me. I'm personally the happiest when our home feels like us. Thanks for popping by the blog.

Now go kick some Monday butt!



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