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Amber's Home Tour: Laundry Room

Who hates laundry? Yeah me too! It ranks in the top five of my personal least favorite tasks. I procrastinate until we have piles that are larger than me, in hopes that they will magically disappear (they don't). I will admit, there was a time when my Mama was living with us that she would help us out with those pesky piles and that was so AMAZING (Gotta love those moms)! Now that she has officially moved out and has relocated to our hometown of Columbia,MO, I'm once again the main lady in charge of this task. I'm really trying to "adult" and actually make a little time for it each day so that the small chore doesn't turn into a two day marathon. I feel like I'm making progress, but one thing that has helped is a clean, organized, and pretty space to do it in. Today I'm sharing a little work in progress, also known as the laundry room.

Our space is small, but still pretty workable. I also love the fact that our laundry room resides on the same floor as our bedrooms and main bathrooms. That is for sure a big bonus! There haven't been any significant updates to this space, with the exception of this tiny shelf and hanging bar that was added for extra storage.

I love using baskets and trays for extra layers and practical storage options. A dish for change, some smell good room spray, and a candle too.

I personally also like to pretend, I'm on the beach and not doing laundry. So I opted for large coastal artwork above the washer and dryer. This particular piece is a thrift find by Claire, of course!

I still have some plans for a couple small updates including new flooring, swapping the light fixture, a counter top over the top of the washer and dryer and maybe some fun wall paper. All things that would be aesthetically fun to include, but are not a top priority. I'm hoping to tackle a few of these to dos this winter and can't wait to share the changes with you.

You may be asking "Where is the laundry?" I wish I could say that it was purposely left out for styling reasons, but actually the laundry is most often found in piles outside the door of the laundry room. Our laundry room is pretty narrow, so storing baskets and piles inside the room makes it difficult to maneuver in the room. Instead there's this mess...

Let me also remind you that this photo was taken during a week that I was actually keeping up lol! I would like to create a more organized laundry basket area. I want to install a waist high shelf/narrow counter that laundry baskets on wheels can slide under. Dress it up with a vase of flowers, a mirror, some fresh art work, a lamp and maybe a stack of magazines to share with guests. This particular project is on the priority list, so stay tuned for an update.

New or old, houses always have projects. This space is a work in progress, but with time we hope to give it a little character and much as you can give a laundry room that is. What home projects are you tackling this Fall?

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