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Wellness Gift Guide

We think wellness is a well-deserved life necessity! It's easy to get stuck in a rut and forget to take care of ourselves and the ones we love. Sometimes we just need to put down the work, forget about that to do list, and recharge. Maybe you're giving yourself the gift of relaxation or maybe you're gifting it to someone special who needs the reminder. Either way, our Wellness Gift Guide has all the fabulous must haves!

1. Lotus Love Beauty ($14.00 - $24.99)

Amber discovered this 100% vegan made line while recently visiting a friend in Baltimore. This line of body oils, body lotions, candles, and bath salts is a new shop favorite. Lotus Love Beauty states, "Our signature blends are inspired by distant travels, the warmth of the sun, the power of the ocean, romance, and all that is divine." Does it get any better than that? We think not!

2. Beekman Facial Wipes ($8.99)

Another must have in our beauty/skincare routines include these delightful facial cleansing wipes. These alcohol-free wipes are great for cleansing and moisturizing. Throw them in a workout bag (hot yoga anyone?!), use as a makeup remover, or freshen up throughout the day. We love the Apricot & Honey Tea, Honeyed Grapefruit, and Honey & Orange Blossom options.

3. Kata Candles ($12.99 - $16.99)

Locally-made soy candles that burn clean and smell amazing. We love how unique the scent combinations are and how diverse the palettes can be. Guarantee you'll find one (or more) no matter your preference.

4. H.C. Lather Co. Soaps, Bath Teas, and More ($3.50 - $8.99)

This luxurious Grand Rapids based bath line is one of our favorite wellness secrets. We love to drop a bath tea in the tub for an aromatherapy soak while dreaming up our next big project.

5. Succulent Gardens by Fancy Plants ($12.00 - $24.00)

Plants are the perfect zen creator and these cuties are always selling out! The easiest plant to adopt a green thumb for. Succulent gardens come in a variety of plants, containers, and sizes. Darlene of Fancy Plants has a passion for each and every succulent garden she creates which shines through every. single. time.

6. Fresh Eucalyptus Bundles ($7.99)

Another fresh pop of green for you! Bundles of fresh Eucalyptus are available in the shop every week. These greens will last you a couple weeks with minimal maintenance.

7. Hilltop Designs Face Masks ($8.00)

Another item we cannot keep stocked, these face masks are all-natural and powerful. The Charcoal is best for detoxifying, Turmeric for reducing inflammation and creating a glowing complexion, while Spinach and Sea Kelp deeply cleanses.

8. Bailey & James Eye Mask ($8.99)

A Bailey & James exclusive! These beaded gel eye masks can be chilled to help reduce puffy, tired eyes or warmed to help soothe a brewing headache. For maximum benefits, relax in the bath with some soft tunes playing and a delicious candle burning.

9. A Mother's Nature Sugar Scrubs ($14.99)

Maker, Amanda, has created a superior scrub so amazing it leaves you feeling exfoliated and moisturized. Infused with essential oils, her scrubs are great for face, lips, and body. We offer Mint, Citrus, Stress Relief, and Vanilla Lavender.

10. "Mama Needs Some Coffee" Mug ($14.99)

This cute and oh so true mug is a great gift for any Mama out there in need of a fun pick-me-up. Perfect for that tea during bath time or a disguised vodka tonic (we aren't judging lol)!

The shop is full of other great gift ideas and Mother's Day is fast approaching! Be sure to save this gift guide and stay tuned for our Mama's Day edition too! Also, do you have any wellness favorites? Leave a comment and let us know!


Team Bailey & James

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