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Mr. & Mrs. LaCourt

Today is a little flash back to a beautiful May wedding with Mr. & Mrs. LaCourt! Working with Hannah was such a treat and her faux floral wedding was a jaw dropper! Faux floral has come along way since the days of those 80s weddings with big bangs, bridesmaids dresses with extra shoulder pads, and cascading silk floral bouquets. Faux floral weddings are back and here are five reasons why you might want to embrace the fake...

1. It's going to look great ALL day because no water source is needed. This is such a game changer, especially for those warm outdoor weddings where water can be scarce.

(All images and photography provided by Alycia Choroszucha

2. You can pick ANY flower. In season or out of season no longer matters! Those December brides who want peonies, you got it! Poppies into July, no problem! There is an unlimited combination of floral options. At Bailey & James we often include faux floral into fresh arrangements for that reason. Our brides love it and some never notice until we remind them what flower is actually a fake.

3. Faux floral is a forever keepsake. Your bridal bouquet will be beautiful for years to come. Mother's corsages can last a lifetime. These little mementos are coveted and now you can hold on to them for years to come. A lot of our faux floral brides use the pieces in their home. Pop a bouquet into a vase and now you have a stunning centerpiece.

(Above is the faux floral recipe used in the LaCourt Wedding line up. We create a custom recipe for every bride faux or fresh. The center image in the recipe is the inspiration Hannah provided for her desired look)

4. Faux floral is budget friendly! Some people assume because it's a faux it's automatically more expensive. This simply is not true. Just like fresh floral, we work with brides at all budgets and price points. There is also more flexibility in sourcing affordable faux floral options because we are not depending on climate and region for crop health. For example, if California gets hit with a fire or drought some fresh floral options instantly go up in price.

5. You get to see and hold all your floral ahead of time! This is HUGE! Because your flowers are fake, you have the option of seeing and getting your flowers weeks prior to your event. This is extremely helpful to brides and grooms who are planning a destination wedding. It also puts a lot of brides at ease and creates a stress free day with no surprises.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but we always try and do what we can to take the burden off the bride and groom while creating beautiful memories. Faux or fresh we've got you covered. If you are planning an upcoming wedding or event and need the floral of your dreams, don't hesitate to connect. Drop us a line here for a free consult!

Congrats to this beautiful couple! Thanks for popping by and have a fab week!



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