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12 Days of a Mitten Crafted Christmas

Dec. 18 - ArtGoodies Meet & Greet and 10% off ATG all day! All Artisan Meet & Greets are from 4PM-6PM at the boutique refreshments provided.

Meet Lisa, the Artisan behind ArtGoodies

Tell us a little about yourself:

Things I really like in no particular order: art and design, cooking and baking, making up recipes, vintage treasure hunting, gardening, mid century design, following my intuition, thinking outside the box, taking a chance and investigating or going after some crazy idea, travel, coffee, healthy organic food, nature, DIY projects, being on time, creative problem solving, witty banter, farmers markets, a good sense of humor, time outside and in nature, beachy vacations, and anything random and spontaneous that seems fun and off the beaten path!

Home Town:

St. Charles, IL

Tell us about your Mitten crafted specialty:

I created artgoodies in 2006, it was a giant leap of faith after losing my job twice in 2005. I wanted to live a more meaningful, creative, and thought provoking life and also one that made sense in the context of my life. I use my B.F.A. in printmaking to bring you modern housewares with vintage flair. Each of my products are hand printed with one of my original linocut block print designs or drawings. Plus many aprons and pillows are sewn together with vintage fabrics. I create organic towels, aprons, pillows, recycled felt stockings, zippered pouches, etc! Recently I started designing my own custom fabric which I’m pretty excited about. You can find that on select pillows and zippered pouches. I'm so thankful to be working for myself and realizing the creative dream. I work out of my home studio in Grand Rapids, MI. Since I’ve started artgoodies, my work has been featured in Romantic Homes, Midwest Living, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Cottage Style, and HGTV Magazine just to name a few! Plus artgoodies was named one of America's hottest housewares companies on The Today Show in 2012! In addition my home was featured in Cottage Style Magazine Summer 2013 issue, more recently on Apartment Therapy March 28, 2015.

What inspires you?:

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and spent my childhood summers gardening, canning, and visiting the farmers market with my grandmother in northern Indiana. That is where I began my fascination with nature and the colors and designs of the fifties. I have fond memories of spending countless hours playing with grandma's vintage fabrics, and that is where I learned to sew. Trips to the farmers market led to tons of old school kitchen time, canning, and baking pies. Every morning I helped grandma water and maintain the garden plants, talk to the birds, and feed the chipmunks. My creativity, style, and ideals truly make sense in the context of these times and filter through into artgoodies products. I very much continue to be inspired by all of these things!

What is your favorite Michigan Christmas Activity?:

Every year I go to the farmers market to get my little tree, I call it a skinny mini, which is about a 3 ft tall skinny little tree that I put on top of a rolling cabinet in the corner of my dining room. It’s just enough to enjoy that real tree ambience and pine smell but not take up tons of room. I also love going to holiday open houses and local shops, I think it’s super festive and fun. Plus, I usually have a little holiday open house of my own with friends and showcase my extensive vintage holiday collection. It’s actually featured in Vintage Holiday Magazine’s Fall issue this year!

What are three things you can't live without?:

Color, time outside with nature, my sense of humor.

Who is your favorite Michigan artist or artisan?:

Oh my gosh, I think there are SO many talented artists, designers, and makers here in Michigan that I don’t think it’s even fair to pick just one or even a few! I feel so fortunate to have gone to art school with a very talented group of people who are still practicing here and beyond and I think they all deserve a mention in their own right. Plus I’ve gotten to know so many personally and on the periphery so the list is lengthy.

Why do you buy local?:

We always watched the classic film White Christmas, and I usually do so a couple times during the season. Sometimes they offer it on the big screen during the classics series at Celebration Cinema and it’s amazing to see on that scale because you can pick out so many set details! I adore the color and set design of the time. I also have always really enjoyed making family recipes and baking during the season.

What is your most memorable and favorite family Christmas tradition?:

I buy local to support small businesses and people like me. I want to support people who believe in what they are doing, who care about what they are doing, and who are fulfilling a dream or passion of theirs. I want to support people like me who are interested in living a more meaningful life through doing something that makes sense to them. I also want to make sure I’m helping keep small businesses in business by supporting them when I can and as much as I can. It’s an important fight to buy independent and local. I feel it’s vital not only to our community but really to the greater good of everyone in the long run. It’s so important, especially in today’s economy to take a step back and think about what you are contributing to.

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Upcoming Events: Dec. 19 - CASignDesign 10% off CAS all day!

All Artisan Meet & Greets are from 4PM-6PM at the boutique refreshments provided.

Stop in and see us soon!


Amber J.


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