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12 Days of a Mitten Crafted Christmas

Dec. 12 - Home on Green Willow and Lou Lou's Place Meet & Greets and 10% off HGW and LLP all day! All Artisan Meet & Greets are from 4PM-6PM at the boutique refreshments provided.

Meet Erin, the Artisan behind Home on Green Willow

Tell us a little about yourself:

I've always enjoyed anything that allowed me to be creative and hands-on. Trying to be like my clever, artistic, crafty mom I would set up a craft booth in our basement and sell my handmade goods to family members. Throughout school every few years we did the “When I Grow Up” projects. In third grade I was going to be an author, in fifth grade and I was going to be a photographer and in eighth grade I found out that I could be an interior designer! I never would have thought in twenty years there would be this thing called blogging and I could wrap all three of these jobs into one! While my pre-teen plan was to move to New York, work as an interior designer, and live in an apartment full of cats, it has only partially (thankfully) come true. I did study interior design and merchandising in college, but it did not lead me to New York. I am employed full time as a visual merchandiser in West Michigan and spend most of my evenings working on projects around our home (and adding to my never ending to-do list), creating pillows, and growing Home On Green Willow.

Home Town:

I grew up in Fowlerville, Michigan and moved to Kalamazoo to attend Western Michigan University. I fell in love with West Michigan (and a boy) and have lived in the Kalamazoo area ever since.

Tell us about your Mitten crafted specialty:

I think my pillows were a bit of a happy accident. Like I said before I've always been creative, my mom taught me how to use a sewing machine pretty young and I would sew random things like table runners and aprons. But at the time I began making my pillows my sewing machine hadn't been touched for a few years. I don't remember how I came across her but I found Melanie Ham on YouTube and her sewing tutorials are the best she ignited something in me to get out my sewing machine and create! She had a tutorial for a simple envelope pillow cover and I decided that's what I needed to make for our front porch pillows to change them over for the Fall. From there I wanted to make more personalized covers and started experimenting with designs and printing. It quickly grew from making pillows for our own home to making them for others. Since then I have upgraded our printer and use a high quality ink that allows the covers to be washed. I also now use zippers instead of an envelope closure. All of my pillows are made from start to finish in our home. I am very lucky to have a space I can dedicate to my business. Creating designs, printing, cutting, sewing, and packaging are all done in one place. I have an assistant who makes an appearance on Instagram once in a while, but she has four legs and lays down on the job a lot so the work is all on me.

What inspires you?:

Tangible results. I need to know that when I am working on a project that in the end there will be something I can see resulting from my work. As far as design inspiration I love Instagram. I like that there are real people behind the photos and everyone I have come across are so full of encouragement.

What is your favorite Michigan Christmas Activity?:

It's not specific to Christmas but in the winter I love going to hikes with our dog and my husband. He would probably tell you differently because I'll complain about being cold real quickly, but I think Michigan in winter is one of the prettiest things.

What are three things you can't live without?:

My notebook. Instagram. My running shoes and my BodyFlow class.

Who is your favorite Michigan artist or artisan?:

I recently discovered Handcrafted Beauty from Hudsonville. I'm no beauty guru, more often than not you can find me in my running clothes and my hair a mess, but I love their products! I have two favorite Michigan candle makers, The Kalamazoo Candle Company and The Candle Crate. Also can I include Honey Shea? Technically shes from Indiana, but just barely across the state line. She creates jewelry that is perfectly my style and I am a sucker for her necklaces! If your not getting a pillow from me for Christmas it's a safe bet you'll be getting something from one of these local makers!

Why do you buy local?:

I want to support others who are on a similar venture as myself and pursuing their dreams. Yes, it might cost more than going to Target or Hobby Lobby, but there is a whole lot more love put into local handmade products.

What is your most memorable and favorite family Christmas tradition?:I think it's a tradition a lot of families have but we always got (and still get) pajamas on Christmas eve. I also loved that our stockings would be filled up with small things we were able to open first thing in the morning while waiting for our parents to get up.

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Upcoming Events: Dec. 13 - A Very Blogger Christmas Event! Calling all Michigan bloggers check our website for details! Dec. 16 - Tandem for Two Meet & Greet and 10% off TFT all day! Dec. 17 - Llewminate Lighting Meet & Greet and 10% off LL all day! Dec. 18 - ArtGoodies Meet & Greet and 10% off ATG all day! Dec. 19 - CASignDesign Meet & Greet and 10% off CAS all day!

All Artisan Meet & Greets are from 4PM-6PM at the boutique refreshments provided.

Stop in and see us soon!


Amber J.

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