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A Mother's Nature

12 Days of a Mitten Crafted Christmas

We have more sales and artisan features! Meet A Mother's Nature an all natural bath, body, home, and health care line.

Dec. 5 - A Mother's Nature Meet & Greet and 10% off AMN all day! All Artisan Meet & Greets are from 4PM-6PM at the boutique refreshments provided.

Meet the Amanda the Artisan behind A Mother's Nature

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am a 36 year old mother of 3 (ages 4, 6, and 7). I chose to stay at home full time to raise my little monsters. (And, yes, I call them monsters to their adorable little faces as well.) With all but my youngest being in school full time, I have been enjoying some freedom to focus on my interests again... hence, founding A Mother's Nature. I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2001, becoming a huge football fan. (I do realize I am out of place being that I now reside in "that state up north" but everything happens for a reason.) My husband and I just moved our family back to MI a few months ago (from IL, from MN, from MI) and we couldn't feel more at home. We are overjoyed to be closer to our family and some good friends and excited to make new friends as well. I love running, singing, singing while I run (you might have seen or heard me on the White Pine Trail), reading (fiction series mainly), crafting, and baking. As an extrovert, I secretly LOVE hosting. I will still complain about cleaning my house for company but it is always worth it to me. Oh, and I HATE cleaning.

Home Town: Originally from Sylvania, Ohio (Toledo area) currently live in Rockford, MI

Tell us about your Mitten crafted specialty:

My product line includes everything from lip balm to hair detangle spray, bath salts, healing salve, hand sanitizer, even a first aid spray. It all started with an extra jar (or 5) of homemade body butter. When I created the first batch of lavender body butter I never would have dreamed where it would take me. With a passion for health and wellness, I couldn't help preparing homemade products for myself, family and friends that were free of toxins, dyes, perfumes, and other harmful chemicals. Learning about the medicinal properties of essential oils only drove me to further explore product options that would replace toxic chemicals in my home. And, hey, why not in the homes of my friends, family, neighbors, and random strangers! While the products that A Mother's Nature currently offers is not encompassing of all that I use and trust, it does showcase the broad flexibility of essential oils and proves that nature really does know what's best. God created this earth and all that is in... it is by His design that so many of earth's creations depend on one another. It is a joy and privilege to share not only the knowledge I have gained but products that I create from it.

What inspires you?:

Besides Pinterest? Nothing inspires me more than going for a run outdoors. I can listen to music, pray, or just be a part of nature WHILE doing something good for my body. Bonus! I also get a little pep in my step after catching up with old friends. There is nothing like reliving good times and a pure feeling of fun to get your creative juices flowing.

What is your favorite Michigan Christmas Activity?:

My hands down favorite Christmas activity is what we like to call "tree day"... It involves trudging through the cold (and snow) to pick out the perfect Christmas tree (maybe even chopping it down) and bringing it home to decorate. While the branches settle we decorate homemade sugar cookies. Then turn on our favorite Christmas themed movies while we decorate the tree. Movie watching continues well into the night and may, in fact, involve spiked cider or egg nog and at least one if not all Die Hard and National Lampoon's movies.

What are three things you can't live without?:

1. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Never can a worldly person or object be as important to me as Him.

2. My husband. I dare not think of the person I would be now if God hadn't brought us together. He truly is "my other half."

3. My essential oils!!! From obtaining and maintaining good health for myself and my family to emotional balance and support, my essential oils are my lifeline. Frankincense is probably my favorite. No, Lavender... No, maybe Peppermint. Ok. I can't decide. I love them ALL!

Who is your favorite Michigan artist or artisan?:

The sign gal CASignDesign! LOVE LOVE LOVE the look of her pieces and such fun themes.

Why do you buy local?:

To save money! It's great to support the people in your community but an added bonus is cost savings. I've found that buying from local shops and markets is often cheaper than ordering online or from the "big box" stores. Not to mention you can find some really unique and creative things.

What is your most memorable and favorite family Christmas tradition?:

When I was younger my parents would let my sisters and I each open one Christmas gift on Christmas Eve. Usually it was a new pair of pjs or robe that we could wake up in on Christmas morning. But every year at least one of us would open a brand new game and we would all stay up way too late playing (and fighting). My sisters and I are very competitive "gamers." LOL

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Upcoming Events:

Dec. 9 - Megan Akiyama Ceramics Meet & Greet and 10% off MAC all day! Dec. 10 - Anvil Goods Meet & Greet and 10% off AG all day! Dec. 11 - Delirious Blue Jewelry Meet & Greet and 10% off DBJ all day! Dec. 12 - Home on Green Willow and Lou Lou's Place Meet & Greets and 10% off HGW and LLP all day! Dec. 13 - A Very Blogger Christmas Event! Calling all Michigan bloggers check our website for details! Dec. 16 - Tandem for Two Meet & Greet and 10% off TFT all day! Dec. 17 - Llewminate Lighting Meet & Greet and 10% off LL all day! Dec. 18 - ArtGoodies Meet & Greet and 10% off ATG all day! Dec. 19 - CASignDesign Meet & Greet and 10% off CAS all day!

All Artisan Meet & Greets are from 4PM-6PM at the boutique refreshments provided.

Stop in and see us soon!


Amber J.


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