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Welcome back to the blog! Can you believe that it has been almost four months since we opened the boutique and it's almost Christmas? The last four months have been the most rewarding, fun, crazy and challenging. I know I have been MIA on the blog, but we are back and have some really fun things coming your way!

To kick off our first Bailey & James Christmas, we are bringing you our 12 Days of a Mitten Crafted Christmas! This is our way to say thank you to all our Michigan artisans that make Bailey & James awesome! We have 15 Michigan artisans featured at the boutique. All of our Artisans create unique items that are hand crafted with love right here in the Mitten state.

12 days of sales, Michigan Artisan Meet & Greets, and giveaways.

We are kicking off the week with 10% off Kalamazoo Candle Company. These babies are all 100% natural, soy based, with 35 hours of burn time! $10 before the discount! Over 18 scents to choose from in the boutique (Only available while supplies last)

Dec. 3 - 10% off Kalamazoo Candle Company all day!

"Hello! My name is Adam and I'm the owner of Kalamazoo Candle Company. I'm often asked, "Why candles?" Well, for me it's all about making a worthwhile product. One that not only looks good, but performs exceptionally well. Great candles for you and your customers. With just two years of production behind us we have sold over 30,000 candles and sell our products in 30 stores across Michigan!"

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Upcoming Events:

Dec. 4 - Alex and Rae Jewelry Meet & Greet and 10% off ARJ all day!

Dec. 5 - A Mother's Nature Meet & Greet and 10% off AMN all day!

All Artisan Meet & Greets are from 4PM-6PM at the boutique refreshments provided.

Stop in and see us soon!


Amber J.


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