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I know I've been a little MIA on the blog recently, but it's for a really great reason! I was working hard to prep for my friend Julie and Ryan's wedding. I've been working with Julie on all the design details for her big day since planning started a year ago. From invites to place settings and everything in between, I was super happy with the result. Today I finally get to share all the details with you!

I decided to split this post up in to a two part series, so today I'm featuring the ceremony and Thursday I'll give you all the reception goodness (here's part two). Believe me, the ceremony is only a teaser for what's to come on Thursday, so stay tuned. The reception was absolutely fab!

Julie was amazing to work with! She knew exactly what she wanted, but still allowed me some creative freedom (which is my favorite combo when it comes to a client). Rustic chic is how I would describe this lovely wedding and Julie really played a big part in the design while letting me complete her vision with some finishing touches.

The ceremony was super simple, which is always best. The outdoor space had a backdrop of fields and a tree that acted as a canopy and alter.

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We tied burlap bows on the ends of the chairs and tucked a little sprig of baby's breath in the knot, anchored the isle with wine barrels, and just added some small touches.

If you are from the West Michigan area and are looking to rent wine barrels for your big day, I highly suggest Fancy Fray. They rent lots of lovely vintage pieces for events.

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We wanted to make sure no picture perfect moments for the photographer were interrupted. This adorable sign helped us do the trick in the most polite way.

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Galvanized buckets with big plumes of baby's breath added the perfect amount of femininity to the outdoor space.

I was so happy to design the programs for the ceremony. Kept it simple!

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My only addition to this ceremony (If we would have had a little more time and more lace) would have been to tie lace to some of the tree branches so it would have gently blown in the breeze...another time perhaps.

I am so pleased with how the ceremony came together the only thing more beautiful was the bride!

Stop by Thursday for the big reception reveal...


Amber J.

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