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Showering Baby Raegan

BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 5_edited.png

This past weekend my sister and I had the opportunity to make our friend Meghan's baby shower extra special! We pulled out all the stops and decked the halls for our little baby Raegan.

A couple weeks ago I shared the inspiration and sources for this lovely event! Today I'm sharing a couple details from the event. It was a super busy morning and we used every minute of prep time. I wasn't able to get tons of pictures, but my friend Faith helped me out and captured some scenes.

BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 2.png
BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 3.png

The polka dots our paint sample cards from a hardware store punched out using a paper cutter.

BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 1.png

We rallied our sorority sisters from college and got everyone to contribute a cute clothing item in the color scheme of the party. We were able to create these beautiful clothes lines above the food tables and on the gift table. It was such a personal touch. We labeled each clothing item with the "auntie" it was from.

My friend Lindsey made this adorable tutu above!

BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 8.png
BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 6.png

The vases above our candle holders from the dollar store that I taped off using painters tape and spray painted gold.

BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 9.png
BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 7.png

Meghan's Aunts put together these yummy dipped pretzels as favors and I put together the sticker label.

BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 10.png
BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 11_edited.png
BaileyandJamesBlog_Girls_Shower_Decor 12.png

I'm so glad the day went so smoothly and the decorations were loved by the mommy to be.

A huge thank you to my friend Randazzo for helping Danielle and I prep for the party on Saturday (when all we wanted to do was sleep) and to my friend Faith for making the beautiful banners above. Thanks to all the friends and family that made the day extra special for Meghan, Eric, Gabe and our little baby Raegan!


(And cheers to the ladies who always have each other's back! AST babes love you all!)

Have a great weekend!


Amber J.

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