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10 Cheap Home Office Organizing Items

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Today I'm sharing my absolute favorite place in my house (close tie with the kitchen), my home office. It occured to me that I've only shared a couple scenes on Instagram, but have never given the full tour on the blog! In addition to sharing this space, I wanted to share some super inexspensive organization items perfect for your home office or craft room.

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1. Bulletin Board

I don't know about you, but I'm a visual person. I need to see fabric swatches, sample prints, family pictures (check out those bangs from my nine year old self), and whatever else makes me happy. This bulletin board is from Mead and can be purchased on Amazon for $40!

2. Dollar Store Candle Holders

I need to be able to see and grab my pencils, pens, markers easily, so I always opt for clear glass containers. These little square candle holders are perfect for storage. I found the ones pictured above at Dollar Tree.

3. Pretty Stationary Boxes

Boxes are the perfect spot to store loose items. The ones above are from Marshalls for $3.99 and hold ribbon and lace.

BaileyandJames_Blog_Office_decor (2)_edited.png

4. Thrift Store Flower Vases

Every time I go thrifting, I'm always on the hunt for unique glass flower vases that can double as storage. The one above was $1 at Goodwill and it now holds my color pencils. I also love that finding the color I need is super easy!

5. Mail Holder

This super cute wall hanging storage is perfect for files, mail, or kids' artwork. I found this one at HomeGoods for $12.99. They always keep a wonderful selection of similar pieces. This little storage keeps unwanted paper piles off my desk. (It's usually full of junk...just cleared it for a good shot.)

6. Thrift Store Tins

Another good thrift store find...tins! This super cute one below was $1.50 at Salvation Army and it now stores thumb tacks. I use tins in my kitchen to also store dry goods.

BaileyandJames_Blog_Office_decor 3_edited.png

7. Wire Storage

This fun little basket below stores all my cell phone chargers, camera attachments, laptop cords, etc. Out of sight out of mind and it looks adorable on the floor! I found this one in my mother-in-law's basement, but I always find similar baskets at Goodwill or even HomeGoods. I would go with one that has a lid, so the mess is hidden.

BaileyandJames_Blog_Office_decor 8_edited.png

8. Fablous Folders

I love a fab file folder! The ones pictured below are from the dollar bins at Michaels. They almost always have similar folders that are typically seasonal. I've also found some great options on Amazon (link above)...better shot of those very large and incharge bangs in this picture!


9. Condiment Jars

Those little jars with the gold lids below are condiment jars from Dollar Tree. You can find them in the same aisle as the dishes and tupperware. I hit these with a little gold spray paint. I store staples, paper clips, safety pins, and mini clothes pins in these adorable little jars.

BaileyandJames_Blog_Office_decor 6_edited.png

10. Wire Baskets

I'm obsessed with wire baskets! Especially for storing pillows and blankets. I think every office or craft room needs a little nook where you can get comfy, get lost, and enjoy a little you time. This is my nook and I love this wire basket from Target for $24.99.

BaileyandJames_Blog_Office_decor 5_edited.png
BaileyandJames_Blog_Office_decor 7_edited.png

And this is Gloria my favorite plant!

Well I hope you found some useful storage ideas!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Hump Day,


Amber J.

#office #homedesign

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