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Showering a Baby Girl

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A few weeks ago, on Instagram I shared with you that I was doing some planning for a girlfriend's baby shower. I'm so excited to be part of my friend Meghan's special day and the showering of mommy to be and Baby Raegan!

My sister and I are on decorating duty! I love working with Danielle on projects because we tend to challenge each other and have fun while doing it. I'm super creative, but tend to forget about logistics and the bigger picture. Danielle however, is the logistics queen and always thinks about how an event will function and make people comfortable. Together we balance each other out and put together fab events!

The shower is still a few weeks away, but we're putting on the finishing touches and ordering the final details to pull everything together. Meghan has been so fun to plan for! She's put all her trust in us so some of our plans will be a surprise!

First let's start with the image on Pinterest that inspired our design...


Beautiful right? So elegant and feminine...fell absolutely in love! This is from Best Friends for Frosting's Blog. If you haven't had the opportunity to check out these fantastic ladies, you should! Their website will leave you smitten...

Here's a little run-down of some of the event design details...

Pink and Gold Tassel Garland

We are going to deck the halls with this fun and sparkly garland! I found this particular one at Target for $6. (Not available online)

Bold Table Runners and Confetti Fun

Black and white striped table runners from this very inexpensive gossamer roll found on Oriental Trading. We can cut to size and sprinkle with our homemade polka dot confetti. I purchased a 1.5in circle paper punch and got some assorted pink color sample cards from the paint store to make this lovely confetti!

Pink Flowers

To add to the drama of the bold striped table runners, we are hoping to put together small floral centerpieces with beautiful pink blooms. I pictured roses above, but flowers in any shade of pink will work!


I love balloons! Balloons are so fun and add so much youthfulness to an event. We have some pink latex balloons for filler and an oversized balloon with gold tassel streamer to frame in a couple key areas. Both are from Oriental Trading.

Since we have a lot already going on with balloons, we won't be doing the gold lettered balloons. I still wanted to share the inspiration because they can add a lot to a space.

Gold Pom Poms

Just to add some extra sparkle these gold pom poms will be perfect to hang over the buffet and cake table. You could totally make your own with some gold tulle or if you are not a DIYer you can order them.

Polka Dot Paper Straws

A party isn't complete without some fun paper straws! Found these on Amazon and they compliment the party decor perfectly.

I can't wait to share the final event with you! This design inspiration is perfect for baby showers, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, little girl's birthday, etc. Spring and summer go hand in hand with these type of functions, so hopefully this inspiration helps!

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Monday,


Amber J.

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