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Floor Mirrors I Love

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When I shared my sister-in-law’s master bedroom makeover a couple weeks ago, I had an overwhelming amount of people comment on the lovely floor mirror that we purchased for the space. The mirror from her makeover was a HomeGoods find for $200. Today I thought I would share some other lovely floor mirror options that I love. These finds range from $100-$400 so there’s something for just about every budget!

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1. Shabby Chic

This option is from Target for $315.99

2. Ultra Glam

This is my favorite option from WayFair for $249.99. It is currently out of stock, but is expected to make a comeback the beginning of April!

3. Grey Washed

This option is from World Market for $269.99

4.Bargain Beauty

This lovely mirror is from Ikea for a amazing deal of $99.99

5. Beveled

This option is the priciest of the bunch from West Elm at $399, but again a classic favorite!

6. Moore Love

Another World Market find at $279.99

Happy Hump Day!


Amber J.

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