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Our Bedroom Refresh

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Recently I’ve been helping my sister-in-law remodel their master bedroom suite. While shopping for all the décor items for their makeover, I couldn’t help but add a few things to the cart for my own bedroom refresh. I’m so pumped to share Stacy and Justin’s makeover (coming to the blog very soon), but for now I’m sharing our cozy little bedroom all dolled up with some new pretties!

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First off, can we talk about this AMAZING pom pom snuggly blanket? I found this at TjMaxx and I'm totally in love with it. If you're on the hunt for a similar throw, you can also find one on Wayfair for $40 here or on Amazon for $30 here. Both look fab just depends on the look and color you want.

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I decluttered our nightstands! I kept a small vintage tray on mine (from Goodwill) for my nightly necessities and my Grandfather's memorial program (Love you & miss you). For the hubs I'm attempting to organize his life without him knowing him multiple trays and bowls to store all the stuff he unloads from his pockets everyday! I hope it works...

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The lamps are from Meijer (If you're not from Michigan or a surrounding state, you probably have no clue what that is). Similar lamps can be found at Wayfair here.

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We had blinds on the windows before and I was so ready to get a softer look with curtains. I ordered these from Amazon. The best part about these were the $17 price tag per panel. They are by No. 918 you can find them here.

BaileyandJames_Blog_Master_Bedroom_Refresh (14).png
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Basket, gold sphere, and vase are all from Homegoods.

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This painting is one of my favorites. We bought it from a family friend who is an artist. If you want to check out her work or purchase a piece, visit her Facebook page. Her name is Bunny and she's fantastic.

BaileyandJames_Blog_Master_Bedroom_Refresh (15).png

I really want a new mirror for above the dresser, but I don't think I will win that battle with the hubby.

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The grey and cream patterned throw pillows are from TjMaxx. I purchased the gold sequins pillows on super clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond a year ago for $3 apiece. They are by DKNY. The duvet is from Utopia. It came with two pillow shams and only cost $32 on Amazon. This duvet has fabulous ratings and reviews. Purchasing a white duvet is a great way to change up your room whenever you're in the mood. It goes right over your comforter and you can always remove and wash. You can find this duvet here.

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I hope you enjoyed our little room tour and details. Have to give a little shout out to Brian for hanging the curtains, Thank you!

What things do you do to refresh the rooms in your home?

Cheers to Monday!


Amber J.

#homedesign #bedroomdecor

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