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Sunburst Mirror Roundup & Under $60

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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect sunburst mirror! I’m loving this décor piece and it makes a great addition above a bed, fireplace mantel or even in a bathroom. However, I’m not willing to spend $150 on one piece. I’ve rounded up five sunburst mirrors in multiple styles that are under $60 and will give you the look, but not dent your pocket book!

1. Anecdotal Ardvark’s Gold Deco Sunburst Convex Wall Mirror $29.95

This one is perfect for a small space. It measures 10" in diameter. I love the art deco feel. I found this on Amazon and it has free shipping.

2. Grasslands Road’s Sculpted Sunburst Cement Nautical Round Wall Mirror $45.47

This 20" mirror is perfect for the beach cottage or a more shabby chic look. This one is on Amazon with free shipping.

3. Trademark Innovations’ SunBurst Flower Petal Design Decorative Wall Mirror $58.99

This lovely mirror happens to be my favorite. It also happens to be the most expensive (of course). It measures 39.2" in diameter. Again from Amazon, but no free shipping on this piece.

Update (1/26 6PM): This one sold out on Amazon five hours after I posted to this....Geesh I didn't event get a chance to order mine. Apparently I'm not the only one that loved it.

4. Ashton Sutton’s Sunburst Wall Mirror $56.99

This little beauty is the more modern of the bunch. It measures 26” and can be found on Wayfair with free shipping.

5. Threshold’s Wooden Sunburst Wall Mirror $34.99

I just saw this one at Target yesterday and fell in love with it. You can also order it online and get free shipping if you spend $50.00 or more (I’m sure most of us could manage that). It measures 24”.

I hope you found this roundup helpful! How do you feel about the sunburst mirror?

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Amber J.

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