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Thrifted Transformations

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To kick off the New Year and the first post of 2015, I’m introducing a new series! For those of you that have been following Bailey&James, you probably have picked up on my slight obsession with thrifting. Thrifting is more than a hobby it’s a way of life. I LOVE TO THRFIT! In this new series Thrifted Transformations, I’ll be sharing my fab finds and their makeovers! Some rehabs will be small some big. Some will have detailed tutorials and others will just have images with brief descriptions. My goal is to inspire people to buy used, create, recycle, and be imaginative while thrifting. Some things aren’t always as they seem…

Let's get started...

I purchased this plastic cherry blossom wall decor at Goodwill for $5! When I saw them my first reaction was "HIDDIOUS!", but then I started to think about how simple and beautiful they would be in one solid color. My first thought was a bright yellow, but I settled on white for a clean look. The white gives them the appearance of being made of ceramic. To get this fab look, I'll I did was spray them with two even coats of spray paint.

Thrifted Transformations_BaileyandJamesBlog 3.png
Thrifted Transformations_BaileyandJamesBlog 4.png

I'm not sure if you remember one of my first posts 10 Tips to Thrifting Success, but this project falls under tip #3, "Look past the dust, color, rust, and stains." This is a beautiful piece and to purchase something similar in a store brand new is going to run you about $25. Sometimes you can't judge things by first appearances. Sometimes you need to get creative! I hope you enjoyed this first installation of Thrifted Transformations! I can't wait to share more.

Don't forget to stop by on Wednesday for the weekly Lavish Lemon Link Up! We will be chatting about our 2015 goals. Bloggers you are free to share a post of your choosing.

Happy Monday


Amber J.

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