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Home for the Holidays Part 2

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog-1 (2).png
We are six days away from Christmas! Can you believe it? I hope everyone is finishing up their shopping and finalizing their plans with family and friends. In honor of the holiday, I'm sharing the last of our home Christmas decor.

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 10.png

I spent my budget on my upstairs sitting room, so I had to get creative downstairs. I happen to have lots of wine bottles lying around, so why not put them to use. Can't beat FREE...well kind of if you don't count the wine that was in them before!

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 1.png
ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 5.png

These little $3 trees from Target have been all the rave this year! I bought four!

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 4.png

I took a picture frame that looks like a window, sprayed it with window foam spray, and added a festive saying! Again another cheap cheap idea.

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 12.png

I got all three of these babies at a thrift store for $1. They are hand knitted and absolutely beautiful.

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 3.png

A basket, some garland, and oversized ornaments make the perfect little decorative side for a fireplace.

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 11.png

I wanted a very traditional look in our family room. This is where we spend a lot of time and I wanted it to be warm and inviting. Classic red and green with some plaid!

ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 9.png
ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 8.png
ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 7.png
ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 6.png
ChristmasDecor_BaileyandJamesBlog 13.png

Well that's it! Check out the first post in Home for the Holidays. I hope you enjoyed! Be sure to check out the Lavish Lemon Link Up from this week.

Happy Friday and good luck with all your last minute shopping!


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