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Hawaiian Christmas Martini: Lavish Lemon Link Up

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Happy Hump day and welcome to the Lavish Lemon Link up! Today I’m sharing a yummy cocktail that is perfect for your holiday get together. Originally I intended to make a true coconut martini inspired by an absolutely delicious martini I had in Miami, but things didn’t go as planned. Instead, things got a little more tropical and now we have a Hawaiian Christmas martini. I wanted to name it the Mele Kalikimaka Martini, but my friend Alli said it really didn’t roll off the tongue. A huge thank you to Alli for being the official taste tester and helping me through multiple attempts at this cocktail..on a Monday.
Here’s what you need…
2oz Coconut vodka (we used Amsterdam Coconut)
2oz Coconut rum
1oz Cream of coconut
Juice of ½ an orange

Star fruit, sweetened coconut flakes, honey, zest of orange for garnish

*This makes one 5oz martini
Combine all your ingredients over ice in a shaker that has a strainer. The strainer is important because the cream of coconut will slightly clump and you don’t want that in your drink. Shake it! Be sure to shake really well to combine all the ingredients.
Lightly rim your martini glass in honey then lightly coat rim in sweetened coconut flakes. Alli and I used a flat plate to spread the honey out and dip the glass rim in then repeated with a separate plate that had coconut flakes. Pour in your shaken cocktail. Add a slice of star fruit to the rim and finish with a little bit of orange zest!
You and your family can drink this tropical cocktail and imagine you’re in Hawaii for Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by. There won’t be a Lavish Lemon next week because it’s Christmas! Enjoy the time with your family and friends and have a very Merry Christmas.
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