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Holiday Hostess Guest Favors: Lavish Lemon Link Up

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I absolutely love hosting parties and dinners during the holidays! I grew up in a very large family, so having the ones I love surround me during the holidays makes me feel even more at home. Our gatherings range from a simple dish to pass, cocktails, or a full on dinner party. Whatever the occasion, if I’m hosting I love to provide a small favor for my guests. Favors don’t have to be elaborate or costly. I find simple works best. Favors are an extra touch that shows your guests you care and you appreciate them stopping by. Obviously it’s important to keep these items budget friendly especially around the holidays. Today I’m sharing five simple and inexpensive favors.

1. Something Sparkly

Ornaments are relatively inexpensive ranging from $1-$3. You can find beautiful ornaments at dollar stores and thrift stores. I found these beautiful Christmas cupcakes at Family Dollar for $2.50 per four pack. Great value and they are so adorable. Your guests can add them to their family Christmas tree and always remember your special event. They can also double as a unique seating place card.

2. Greenery

Little potted plants are the perfect favor. You can find small potted succulents or ivy like the Sliver Bell Ivy pictured above at your local market, plant nursery or home improvement store for about $2. I love the idea of adding the touch of green to your event and sending something home that can bring some cheer on those cold and dark winter days.

3. Sweet Treat

Very small boxes of specialty chocolates are always a hit. Your favor probably won’t make it past the car ride home. I suggest visiting your local chocolate tier to select your chocolates. You can even create your own gift boxes of four that will cost you about $2 per person.

4. Get Crafty

If you know your party will have little guests, provide a small craft to keep them busy. Your adult guests will appreciate this more than any other favor you could offer. Keeping their kids occupied, so they can enjoy the evening will have them thanking you all night long. Plus the kids have a nice little take away to share. I suggest these little Gingerbread men from oriental Trade for $6 per set of 12.

5. Thanks for Poppin in

Popcorn in small takeout boxes is another great favor. You can buy gourmet popcorn in bulk or make your own. Ordering take out boxes on Amazon is super inexpensive. Depending on your quantity of guests you can make this favor for under $2 a box. Another thing to consider is setting up a little popcorn bar where guests can create their own popcorn mix. Set out popcorn seasonings, chocolate candies, and nuts to let your guests personalize.

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