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4 Step Tutorial: Gold Paper Flowers

Gold Paper Flowers-2 (2).png
This week has been absolutely crazy! Blogging always puts my mind at ease. The only thing better than blogging my stresses away is crafting them away. Today I’m sharing a quick tutorial on making gold paper flowers. These metallic beauties add glam to everything and are the perfect holiday craft that will add cheer to your tree, gifts, and centerpieces.

Let’s get started…

What you need is pictured below

What you need_Gold Paper Flowers

I used an oval gift tag as a stencil for my flowers. It was perfect and the hole at the end helps keep the flowers centered. This gift tag is approximately 3inx2.5in. You can always create a similar stencil with cardboard.This gold metallic paper is gold wrapping paper I bought at dollar tree.

Step 1

Trace your oval pattern on the back side of your gold wrapping paper. Use the circle at the end of your oval cut out as the guide to create your round pattern. It should look like this when you’re done.

Step 1-Gold Paper Flowers

Step 2

Cut your shapes out!

Step 2 Gold Paper Flowers

Step 3

Glue two cut outs together with a hot glue gun. One little dot in the center will do just fine. Be sure that you stagger the petals of your flowers so they alternate before firmly pressing your glue and paper together.

Step 4

Now take the top flower and scrunch it until the top flower folds up. It is ok if it gets mangled; once it’s done it will look like sculpted metal.

Step 4 Gold Paper Flowers

Step 5


Gold Paper Flower Garland

I glued a flower to a package for a beautiful finish. Pretty sure this is will be my theme for this year’s wrapping. Yes I have wrapping themes…don’t judge me.

You can also glue these to ribbon or twine for a cute garland to add to a mantel or tree. Here’s a peak of what that will look like (above)…more to come on my Christmas reveal next week.

You can also create a lovely centerpiece using these little gems. I’ll be showing my Thanksgiving center piece featuring these metallic flowers on Sunday, so be sure to stop by.

There you are a quick, easy, and cheap project.

Let me know how it goes! If you have a Christmas Craft you would like to share on Bailey & James, email me (using my contact page) I would love to pass on your ideas.

Cheers to Friday’s Eve!

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