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Sophia's Hummingbird Cupcakes

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A couple weeks ago we celebrated my niece’s baptism. Since I was chosen to be Sophia's Godmother, I thought it was only right to make cupcakes for the brunch (let's be real I would have volunteered either way). These Hummingbird cupcakes with pineapple filling and topped with cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut, strawberry cookies, and candied pineapple were too good not to share.

For those of you that are not familiar with hummingbird cake, it is a dense cake almost similar to banana bread. The cake is actually made with crushed pineapple and super ripe bananas. This recipe is not my own. It is from a blog that I absolutely love, Cooking Classy. You must check it out! Her hummingbird cake is to die for...Like I said I absolutely had to share!

Click here for the cake and frosting recipe

Baking TIP- Be sure your bananas are super ripe the blacker the better and you’ll need three bananas.

The recipe is for one cake, but I made two dozen cupcakes instead. Worked out wonderfully!

I also decided to fill mine with a tangy sweet pineapple filling. The tangy filling was the perfect addition to the sweet cream cheese frosting.

Pineapple Filling Recipe:

3 Cups diced very ripe fresh pineapple

¾ Cup pineapple coconut nectar

½ Cup white wine or champagne

Combine all your ingredients in a pan on medium heat. Reduce down until there is no more liquid in the pan. Set aside and cool. Pop in the blender and pulse for a minute. Be sure the filling is completely cooled before filling your cupcakes and frosting.

Humming Bird Cupcakes 1 (2).png

Core out the center of your cupcakes using a melon baler (best part you have yummy cake to eat while you’re filling your cakes YUM)

Humming Bird Cupcakes 3 (2).png
Humming Bird Cupcakes 2 (2).png

Fill the center with your pineapple filling then frost! I topped my cupcakes with store bought strawberry tart cookies split in half, toasted coconut, and a piece of candied pineapple. You can get super creative with the toppings and do whatever pleases you!

Humming Bird Cupcakes 5 (2).png

These cakes were a hit, to bad little Sophia isn’t old enough to enjoy yet. Don’t worry I had two, one for me and one for my sweet little God Daughter.


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