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Fall Pleasantries

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Fall is here and I’ve been dragging my feet…I’m not one of those typical females who adores fall and can’t wait for the first opportunity to break out the boots, fur vest, and grab a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks ( Don't get me wrong I love pumpkin spice lattes, but you shouldn't have to wait until fall). I feel like I’m a California girl stuck in the Midwest. Now that I’m done mourning summer, I guess it’s time to decorate for fall. Today I’m sharing with you one of my few fall pleasantries, fall home décor!

Fall Decor 4.png
Fall Decor 17.png
Fall Decor 10.png

The candle sticks are from Home Goods (my absolute favorite place). These will carry me through the holidays making for the perfect Christmas and New Year mantel anchor.

Fall Decor 7.png
Fall Decor 12.png
Fall Decor 11.png

I bought the moss garland at Hobby Lobby for $7.00. I love fall colors, but I wanted to add some pops of green to keep a little reminder of warmer days. I went forging for birch sticks around my neighborhood to add to my fall set up. I love FREE!

Fall Decor 15.png

Loving this arrangement with the addition of the birch sticks! The banner in the background was a little DIY just some twine, kraft paper, paint, and stencils. My friend Faith always makes these little banners for holidays, birthdays, and parties!

Fall Decor 18.png
Fall Decor 14.png
Fall Decor 13.png

I wanted to also add a little festive cheer to our bar tray. I found these cute cocktail napkins for $2.00 at Home Goods!

Fall Decor 9.png
Fall Decor 6.png
Fall Decor 16.png

These white washed pumpkins have been all the rave this fall and I couldn't help but follow suit. This big guy on the orange stool is my favorite pumpkin of all time! He was in the bottom of the bin at our local market and I literally climbed in and dug this cute dude out!

Fall Decor 19.png
Fall Decor 8.png

This is our dinning room table. Just wanted to keep it simple and easy to clear when needed.

Fall Decor 16.png

I hope you enjoyed my little fall decor home tour and maybe got a little inspiration. Share your fall home decor on the Bailey and James Facebook page this week!

Check out the blog Thursday for my Ginger Leek Soup! This soup will get you through flu season, has a number of health benefits, and tastes delicious!

Cheers to a new week!

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