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Adalyn & Sophia's Playroom: Get the Look

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Now that you’ve seen the big playroom reveal, you might be wondering where you can find some of the pieces featured in Adalyn and Sophia’s playroom. Today I’m going to share where you can find this look.

The Teepee

I bought the teepee on Amazon for a really great price! The exact one I purchased is currently unavailable (sometimes the product will make a reappearance), but Amazon does have tons of other cute and affordable kids teepees.

4 (2).png

Area rug

This rug is one of my favorite things in the entire playroom. It’s made by Fab Habitat (they also have lots of other great options and colors). I’m going to be honest when I first got this rug I really wasn’t sure if it was going to tie the room together. I was pretty much prepared to ship it back and find something new, but when I got it in the space it looked better than I could have ever pictured. It is actually a patio rug/ beach mat which actually made the best fit for the space. A plastic rug meant it would be easy clean up when the girls spilled or messed!

Pink stools

The stools are from Ikea. I actually ordered them online and had them shipped right to my door. They were $7.99 and super easy to assemble.

The dry erase maps

These maps were the perfect pop of color for the space and also served as great educational pieces. These dry erase maps are made by Brewster. I found them on Amazon (If you haven’t noticed a theme…yes I have an online shopping problem)

Plastic Apothecary Jars

Nothing to say…just amazing! From Amazon

14 (2).png

Personalized Prints

These prints are from one of my favorite Esty Shop owner, Jaclyn Rose Design. You might remember her story from the series Young & Ambitious! She has tons of prints appropriate for all spaces.

23 (2).png

The rest of the items in the room are thrift store finds, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and of course my favorite TjMaxx. If there something else you want details on, feel free to let me know. Also check out my Pinterest board and follow me for alternative playroom details plus the ones mentioned above.

Happy Tuesday!

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