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Adalyn & Sophia's Playroom Reveal

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When my niece Sophia was born in August, my sister-in-law Stacy asked me to makeover the girl’s playroom! I was thrilled to oblige. Stacy and her husband Justin have two beautiful daughters, Adalyn and Sophia. They wanted a playroom that would provide educational value, storage, allow creativity, and a safe place for the girls to play. In addition to those requirements, they needed a space that was feminine, but not so girly that it didn’t mix with the rest of the living area. The “playroom” isn’t actually enclosed. It is a space in their basement where a family room also exists. Today I’m sharing the big playroom reveal and my ten styling tips…


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Don't worry we didn't get rid of all their toys. This project was the perfect opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Adalyn has outgrown a lot of these toys, so those went to storage for Sophia. Some items were stored in the cabinet. The swing set was moved outside and the kitchen (which Adalyn loves) was relocated to another space. I just didn't want you thinking I was a Grinch who stole all the toys...


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1. Find Storage at the Dollar Store

Most dollar stores have tons of storage options. Plastic containers, bins, and organizers! I bought the orange bins at Dollar Tree and bought more for toy storage inside the cabinet. These same size bins typically cost $4-10 apiece. Why spend more?

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2. Thrift

The gallery wall was a combination of garage sale and Goodwill finds that I painted. Most of the frames didn’t cost more than $7.00. I also found some great accessories!

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3. Save Money & DIY

This table was $8.99 from Goodwill. When I flipped it over, I realized it was a Pottery Barn table that had discarded. It was a little beat up, but nothing that wasn’t beyond repair. I scrubbed down the table with some hot water and Murphy’s Oil, sanded the top with a medium grit sand paper on a palm sander, sprayed the top with three coats of clear lacquer, and retighten the screws on the legs. Good as new! Kid’s tables are super expensive. Shopping for a table was the longest part of the project, but I’m so glad I stayed patient and DIY to save the big bucks.

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4. Compare Prices Online

When shopping for large ticket items, be sure to check prices online. I purchased this plastic patio rug (perfect for any kid’s spills…just use a damp cloth to remove mess) on Amazon for $48.00, which is an awesome deal for a rug of this size.

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5. Educate

Use items that can act as décor, educational pieces, and allow your little ones some hands on experience. These maps are the perfect color accent and also have dry erase makers for learning and drawling.

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6. Safety First

I’m sure this is an obvious, but when designing you tend to forget that every piece in the room might be accosted by little hands and must be safe. It was difficult to find plastic apothecary jars, but I’m so glad I didn’t give up the hunt. I found these on Amazon.

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7. Ikea It Up

The cute pink stools and the book racks (actually spice racks) were from Ikea. Ikea is cheap and their products tend to be durable. You can order a lot of their items online now, so a trip may not even be necessary (but who doesn't love a trip to Ikea).

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8. Use Sentimental Pieces

Sometimes we are afraid to let our kids play with our treasures from the past, but when it makes sense, include these items! You can start to make new memories for your family. This little rocking chair was Justin’s when he was a little boy. This chair use to be off in a corner by its self. Now, it is part of the girls space!

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9. Use Transitional Pieces

This space won’t always be a playroom. As the girls get older, they will retreat to their rooms or personal space. I wanted to make sure that all the items in the playroom could phase into the girl’s room or into other parts of the house.

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10. Create Fun

I wanted to be sure to create a space the girls could be comfortable and have fun! This teepee was the perfect addition to personalize the space and make it a little girly.

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I think it is safe to say that Adalyn loves it! I'm sure when Sophia is old enough she will too...

Check out the blog Thursday for links and more details on where to find some of the pieces featured in Adalyn & Sophia's playroom. Do you have any playroom tips to share?

Thanks for stopping in, but I have some very important coloring to get back to...

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