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Young & Ambitious: Jaclyn Rose Design


This week I'm featuring a couple young and ambitious women entrepreneurs who have hearts of gold and a savvy business sense. I hope that through their stories you’ll be inspired to do something that maybe you’ve been putting off.

One day, I was randomly searching a home décor hash tag on Instagram when I stumbled across these cheeky chic wall art pintables. I was instantly drawn in by the girly décor and found myself creepin on Jaclyn Rose Design’s Instagram. To my surprise theses adorable pieces are available for sale on Jaclyn’s Etsy store. Not only is she selling fabulous printables, but part of her proceeds benefit the Animal Humane Society of Minnesota…now I was super intrigued.

Being an animal lover and home décor enthusiast, I decided to contact Jaclyn via her Etsy store to set up a phone interview to hear more about her story. She obliged, and I was delighted to chat with the very humble and passionate Jaclyn Rose.



Jaclyn Rose Johnson


Originally from Tustin, CA but grew up outside Minneapolis, MN where she currently resides.


What inspires you as a designer?

JRJ: “I’m inspired by great design that surrounds us in everyday life. I pay close attention to the details of my surroundings whether I’m sitting in traffic and looking at billboards or examining packaging while grocery shopping, there is design in everything around you. My inspiration comes from those details, themes, and colors in my everyday life.”

Where do you get the sayings for your printables?

JRJ: “Family, friends, Pinterest, pop culture, song lyrics, and some of my quotes come directly from my Etsy shoppers. I’m also a huge Yoda fan, so I have a series of Star Wars printables! I always ask myself…would I hang it on my own wall?”

What is your favorite piece on your Etsy store to date?

JRJ: “My favorite is “Because someone we love is in heaven…” because I find it touching that someone would hang this in their home to commemorate the life of someone they loved and lost. The fact that I indirectly get to be a little piece of honoring someone’s life is very meaningful to me.”


Jaclyn also shared that this piece was given to her sister who had a stillborn baby. This piece is super personal to Jaclyn and her family. I started tearing up just hearing the story. Her sister displays it in her home alongside the photos of her other children.

What’s the number one question you get from your Etsy shoppers and the answer?

JRJ: “I always get asked about customizations. I’m super flexible about changing colors, size or even creating specific sayings or quotes for my shoppers. If there are a lot of changes or work involved, there is a small fee. The best way to find out is to send me your questions on my Etsy storefront. “

What is your connection to the Animal Humane Society?

JRJ: “I got my first dog, Ginger from there. Ginger was so incredibly special to me. I chose to donate a portion of my sales to the Humane Society to support an organization that connected me to Ginger and helps so many other animals in need.”

Describe each of your pup’s personalities in 2-3 words

Jaclyn gushed with love when talking about her three little fur babies. You could tell she is a proud pet parent. Emma is her dog and Bobbi and Jasmine are her adopted babies from her boyfriend (Jaclyn laughed a little because people are always a little surprised that her boyfriend has two little lap dogs). This is how Jaclyn described each of her dogs.

Emma (2).png

JRJ: Emma-“Sweet, snoopy because she is in to EVERYTHING, and smart”

Bobbi-“Chill, tiny, and reminds me of Yoda because of her ears.”

Jasmine-“Girly, a caretaker because she tends to watch over the other two, and affectionate.”

Jaclyn also let me chat her ear off about my dog Bailey. When it came to dogs, we had a lot of common ground to connect on. I love finding other pet owners who love their fur babies as much as we do.

What is your goal for Jaclyn Rose Design?

JRJ: “I hope to grow as a designer. I’m also looking forward to my first holiday season on Etsy. I’m planning on launching some new Halloween and Christmas printables in the months to come. I also hope to create a few more kid activity printables. I’m just excited to see where this takes me.”

What message would you like to leave with potential shoppers?

JRJ: “I’m very honored that you would consider purchasing something from my Etsy store. I’m so humbled that you would choose something I created to add to your home or the home of the people you love. I promise that I will provide the best customer service and a quality product.”

All of Jaclyn Rose Design’s printables are super inexpensive. Most are available for $5. You pay, download the image, take to the printer, and frame! This is a great way to get beautiful custom artwork on a small budget. I’m purchasing a few printables for my nieces’ playroom redesign. In addition to creating a lovely space in your home, you’re also supporting a wonderful cause and a humble young entrepreneur. I urge you to Check out Jaclyn Rose Design today!

Jaclyn Rose Design Etsy Store

Twitter @JaclynDesign


Instagram @JaclynRoseDesign


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I hope you find something you love! Happy four day work week!

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