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Ladders & Lemons

Changing it Up (2).png
This past week was CRAZY! We got a new niece, had company over the weekend, and work was super busy for us both. Amongst all the crazy I decided it was time to declutter, rearrange and clean the living room.

Earlier in the week my friend Ian took me to these AMAZING antique stores in a little warehouse district of Grand Rapids (that I have never been too), and I found some beautiful pieces that really inspired me to make our space a litter sunnier.

Here’s a little look at what I did.


I'm not super pleased with the brown shelves in the background. I should have went with my gut and got the white lacquered ones (Ikea), but I second guessed myself. My husband doesn't know it, but I plan to spray them. I'm also going to add furniture legs to the bottom for a little more height. This is what I get for not going with my gut...another project.


The gold tray was actually a funky Hawaiian themed print, so I spray painted it!

SAM_1719 - Copy_edited_edited.JPG

This ladder is one of the pieces I picked up on our antique excursion. It was $25 and is making a nice and also practical addition to my living room area.


I love decorating with fruit. It's fresh and eventually the decor will turn into an adult beverage. That's what I call a win/win!


This is my second score from antiquing! This painting is of Lake Michigan and was painted by a local artist out of Muskegon, Michigan. I wish I could tell you the name, but it's hard to read and the couple selling it couldn't remember. I'm really proud of this find because it was originally $110 and I talked them down to $85! The frame was included too.

Sophia Joy (2).png

Weird...not sure how this absolutely precious picture of my niece made it in here!


That lovely colorful runner is a souvenir from our honeymoon in Costa Rica. I was able to get a discount...speaking broken Spanish. Impressive I know.

Hope this Ladders & Lemons post got you thinking about a design change in your life. Just because the summer is ending doesn't mean you can't bring some sun indoors.

Again sorry for my slacking last week, cheers to another Monday!

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