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$100 Bathroom Refresh

Bathroom After_Final.png
Some people fear change. I happen to love it…when it comes to my house that is. I’m constantly moving things around. When I get bored I pick a room and rearrange! My husband hates this because he never knows where anything is and I tend to misplace things in the midst of my projects…oops. Although I love a new home project, I’m also kind of a cheap ass! I try my best to reuse items in my house, thrift, and buy on sale.

Bathroom Before-1 (2).png

We bought our house in 2011 and the bathroom was a little outdated. This gives you a little idea of what it looked like before any reno.

A couple weeks ago I decided it was time for another bathroom change. Not a complete makeover or reno just a little refresh. Here's what we started with...not bad, just a little boring. I never hung anything or really made it warm and inviting.

I started by giving myself a budget. This is a must for me or I can get out of control. Then I made a list of what things I was looking to change and what I would need to purchase.

Make sure to buy all your big items before buying little accessories. You will have a better idea of what you need after your main pieces are in place. Plus it gives you the opportunity to search your house for odds and ends that you can add without spending any money.

Here are the items I consider main pieces:

Ruffled Shower Curtain- $19.99 TJmaxx

White Vintage Frame- $19.99 Ikea

Plaster Decal- $10.00 Hobby Lobby

Runner Rug- $12.99 TJmaxx

Total: $62.97

Bathroom 2.png

Then I gathered items from my house that weren't currently being used or were tucked away in rooms that don't get seen often. This pretty much includes everything except for the black hand towel, baskets on the toilet, and the beautiful striped jewelry tray (gift from my bestie Alli). Almost all of the pieces I collected from my home are pieces I have thrifted. Most of which were $1-$3 with the exception of the mirrored tray which was $10.

Thrifted pieces-1.png

The additional accessories I purchased included:

Black Hand Towel- $5.99 TJmaxx

Baskets- $1.50 Local fruit market

A generous budget for thrifting accessories- $20.00

Total: $27.49

Grand Total for Bathroom Refresh:

$90.46+ tax

Final (2)_edited.png

I hope this post inspired you to make some changes in your life. Things don't have to be elaborate or super costly to be beautiful.

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