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Basil, Cucumber & Honey Gin Fizz

Basil, Cucumber & Honey Gin Fizz.png
My husband is a huge gin drinker…I on the other hand am not a big fan of the pine flavored booze. Just like anything, it all depends on how it is made. I enjoy coming up with new gin concoctions for Brian and I to try (because he insists that he is the better gin drink maker...get real). This Basil, Cucumber & Honey Gin Fizz takes the edge off the gin and will turn any gin skeptic into a gin admirer!

Now for you traditionalists out there, this gin fizz is a little unique. The cucumber and basil replaces your lime or lemon and your honey replaces your sugar, so the concept is similar.


½ a large peeled cucumber

6 Basil leafs chopped

3 TSP of honey (You can do less or more depending on how sweet you are wanting it to be)

1 Cup water

6oz New Holland Knickerbocker Gin Made in the mitten (again feel free to add more gin if you choose)

Club soda


*Makes 4 drinks


In a blender, combine cucumber, basil, water, honey, and Knickerbocker Gin. If you haven’t tried Knickerbocker, you must! It will change your entire prospective on gins (this coming from a non gin drinker). It is made in Michigan. If you are an out-of-stater, check out New Holland’s website for location details.

Back to the drink making…You may have to stir the mixture a couple times while blending to get all the cucumber chunks and basil combined. If you are not a fan of a little cucumber and basil pulp, you may want to strain this mixture prior to using it for drinks. I happen to love the texture and the visual it creates. In an 8oz chilled glass, add ice and pour your blended mixture a little less than ¾ of the way. Add club soda to the remaining space in the glass.

TIP: I happen to love the single large rocks ice cubes. It just looks super clean and beautiful. Not to mention, it lasts longer and melts more evenly. Tovolo makes the best King Cube Ice Tray.

Add a slice of cucumber and a basil leaf for garnish. This is a perfect drink for a hot summer evening on the patio. The weekend is approaching and I hope everyone gets some relaxing in. Brian hasn’t actually tried these yet, so I plan to mix up a batch on Saturday.

Cheers to the weekend friends!

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