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Fiesta Wreath

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After saying goodbye to Tuggie on Monday, I needed a little pick me up in the form of a Goodwill trip. Some people deal with grief by eating, drinking, or chain smoking. I on the other hand thrift for projects. Tuesday my little Tuggie Dog angel was looking down on me because I scored the most festive, fun crepe paper flowers and an angel wreath. (Ironic..right?)

I know what you're thinking, "What the hell are you going to do with that hideous angel wreath?" Don't worry I only used the actual wreath. It was $3.00 and for a wreath that size in perfect condition I couldn't pass it up.

These crepe paper flowers were a steal for $2.00. The flowers are in pretty great shape. I only had to trim a couple torn ones. The flowers were attached to a wire base which seemed perfect for a Fiesta Wreath!

Wreath Step One_edited.png

Step 1: Clean up the flowers with a pair of scissors by removing any torn edges.

Step 2: Using wire cutters, I removed everything from the wreath. I will reuse the wooden

stars for Christmas ornaments...not sure about that angel (let me know if you have ideas).

Step 3: Lightly sponge off the wreath to remove dirt and dust

Wreath step 2_edited.png

Step 4: Before wiring the flowers into the wreath, I arranged them and straightened the wires (this helps maneuver the wires through the wreath).

Step 5: Start securing your flowers to the wreath by sliding the wire through the wreath. Wrap the wire back around to the front.

Step 6: Twist the excess wire into spirals to resemble vines

This Fiesta Wreath turned out beautifully and is making a great addition to my front door. I'm trying to locate some Dia de Los Muertos sugar skeletons to add to the wreath, but haven't had any luck finding any the right size. Let me know if you have suggestions?

This project was super easy and another great example of how you can be creative when reusing second hand items.

Happy Thursday!

#diy #thriftstore

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