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Reusing Pretty Finds

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I grew up in a household of five kids! Always something to do, someone to terrorize, and a friend to talk to. Five kids always kept my parents busy and also strapped for cash. Even though we didn’t have a ton of money, my parents always taught us to appreciate everything we had (or to keep our mouths shut)!

Every summer our neighborhood hosted a neighborhood wide garage sale. This was an event I looked forward to every year. My parents would give each of us $5.00 to spend on whatever we wanted…this seemed like a billion dollars to me (especially in garage sale money). My siblings and I would take off on our bikes for the entire day and get lost finding new treasures. At the end of the day, we would meet back home for popsicles and to compare our finds.

This is where my love for thrifting was born! You don’t need new shiny things to create memories. Reusing something old or buying second hand saves money and space in the landfill.

Today I’m sharing with you the pretty finds that adorn my dresser. When it comes to trays, dishes, and jewelry boxes thrift stores are the best place to look. I love the look of vintage mirrored trays, especially for perfume bottles. It helps keep your vanity clean from clutter. Also a great way to store make-up and avoid all the messy spills. Below is a list of items and their cost. If you live in Grand Rapids, MI or are ever in town, you have to check out Jazzy Junk on Plainfield. It is an awesome consignment store. I almost always find something wonderful. The mirrored trays are both from there. The remaining items are from Goodwill.

This is an inexpensive way to reorganize all the pretty things in your life...

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