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Diner Caddy DIY

Hello my name is Amber and I'm a really I am, and it's bad!

We rolled into town yesterday around 5PM, after being in Missouri and the first thing on my mind was a trip to Goodwill. I love to find little treasures, especially when I can make them new and improved. So I decided to drag my little brother along on a quick trip to the local Goodwill (let's be honest it wasn't quick)

I found this old diner condiment caddy. It was a little rusty, but other than that in pretty great shape. It's also on a swivel which is pretty nifty. Instantly, my brain went in a million different directions. I'm kind of an organization nut (unless it's my car...that thing is a hot mess), so I knew I wanted to use it for some type of storage holder. First, I needed to find a way to seal up the bottom so my odds and ends wouldn't fall out. That's when I found these lovely drinking glasses that happen to fit like a glove....I WAS IN LOVE! I showed my little project to my brother. His expression said it all, "Why are you buying more junk!"

TIP: Look past the dust, color, rust, and stains. Instead, think about what it could be. Don't box yourself in by first appearances or all you'll see is... junk. Try and repurpose it in your mind before buying it! Sometimes it will be an epic fail, but sometimes you will find a gem.

I gathered all my goodies and headed home for a project!



Caddy: $3.00

Glasses: $3.00 (Marked as $4.00, but I asked for a discount. Don't be afraid to do this!)

Gold Metallic Spray paint: $2.00-$3.00 (I had this on hand. Gold spray paint is to me what flour is to bakers, a must have.)

All I did was clean the caddy, dried it, and sprayed it with an even layer of gold spray paint. I soaked the glasses in warm soapy water to clean and remove the price stickers.


Now you have a lovely centerpiece, desk organizer, silverware caddy, make-up brush holder and whatever else you can come up with!

Don't be afraid of a project and don't let little brothers doubt you (He later was pretty amazed by the after, so he no longer thinks I'm the crazy hoarder lady...for now!)

#diy #thriftstore #design

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