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January 7, 2015

My Little Brother's Workout

20 Minute Workout

for People on the Go

January 28, 2015

BaileyandJames_Blog_My little Brother's Workout

Photo Credit: Drew Piester Photography, Columbia, MO

Today I’m introducing my little brother Josh (little as in age…obviously not in size)!  When my link up ladies and I decided our topics for January, this one intimated me the most. I’m not much of a workout kind of girl. I try really hard and it’s one of the things I’m working on in 2015, but I’m really not experienced enough to write about it! When I do have diet or fitness related questions, I always go to my bother. He’s more than qualified to give fitness advice.




Hi I’m Joshua Gaskins. I am a 21 year old senior at the University of Missouri, studying Health Sciences. I am an assistant wrestling coach for one of the local high schools and a weightlifting coach for a cross fit gym, Cross fit Iron Wolf. I am a current United States of America Weightlifter (USAW). Simply put, I lift heavy things above my head in a very technical fashion and put them back down. I recently competed in my very first national weightlifting competition, the USAW National American Open. At the end of the competition I took ninth overall. I also previously worked as a certified personal trainer.


Before weightlifting, I wrestled competitively in high school. I had aspiration to wrestle in college, but missed the roster deadline. The Coach gave me the choice of training year round and walking onto the team the following year. In the meantime, I took up cross fit to train for wrestling. Five months into cross fit training; I competed in my first cross fit competition. I soon realized that cross fit wasn’t for me and decided to focus more on Olympic style weight lifting. With a lot of practice and my previous health and fitness history, I really started to do well in the sport. My current coach found me lifting in his gym and realized my potential. The rest is history!


Today I’m sharing an at home workout that will save you time and tone all those trouble spots.  This workout could easily be done at work, so no excuses! In order to make a short workout valuable, it must be performed under high intensity. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to prolong calories burned throughout the day. Countless research shows that high intensity, minimal rest, for short duration has a bigger impact on your excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC). This is just means the period of time after your workout that requires your body to reach homeostasis or return to its normal condition. In order for your body to reach normal levels, it must consume energy to do so (i.e. Calories). Extending this EPOC stage will result in more calories burned. At the end of the day, weight loss is all about the ratio of calories consumed vs. the calories expended. Let’s get started…


20 Minute Workout


Warm Up

A warm up is highly recommended. Any form of dynamic stretching is suggested. Dynamic, means movement! Static, meaning stretching the muscle and holding it in position should be performed after the workout has taken place, acting as part of your cool down. After the workout, your muscles are warm and are able to stretch into position safely and effectively.

Recommended dynamic stretching: butt kicks, high knees, tin mans, walking lunges etc. Perform your warm up for 5-7 minutes.



These exercises are composition movements. This just mean that to perform the movement it requires many muscles groups. Composition movements are great (especially for short workouts) because you are using more muscles to perform a movement, more energy is required to perform that specific movement, therefore expending more calories overall as energy. This workout can be done in 20 minutes dpending on how long your warm up is and how much rest you take between bouts. You can also extend it to make a longer more intense workout.


Every exercise will be performed for 30-45 second bouts. Rest periods (time between bouts) will be 1-1 ½ minutes.


Air Squats 4 X 30 sec intervals: Stand shoulder width apart. Squat down as far as you can while maintaining GOOD CONTROLLED position. Good position is when the spine is set in neutral position. Back is not over arched or rounded; chest is up and facing forward. If there is writing on your shirt, you should be able to read it. When going down, the butt should be driving somewhat back (like you were sitting into a chair). Knees are driving outward, not caving inward.  Never sacrifice form. Once you’ve hit the maximum depth that allows you to keep good form, come back up to the start position. Perform as many repetitions within the 30 sec bouts.


Chair Dips 3 X 30 sec intervals: While your back is facing the chair, squat down and allow your hands to hold you up from the front of the chair. Extend your legs out in front of you. Bend at the elbow, allowing yourself to drop lower to the ground. Bend until your elbow creates a 90 degree angle, and then extend back up to start position. This may be difficult to understand, so I’ve provided a link that demonstrates this movement. Perform as many repetitions as possible within the 30 sec bouts. Video Demonstration 


Mountain Climbers 4 X 30 sec intervals: Assume a standard push up position. In this exercise it is okay if your butt is slightly elevated. While your back is flat, begin driving your knees up toward your chest. Alternate between each leg. This movement may need demonstration as well, so I have provided another link. Perform as many repetitions as possible within the 30 sec bouts. Video Demonstration


Push-ups 3 X 30 sec intervals: Perform a basic push for as many repetitions as possible within the 30 sec bouts. If you cannot perform a standard push and need to scale, lean against a wall and perform wall push outs. The farther your lower body is away from the wall the harder it will be. Or you can perform push-ups off of your knees.


Jumping Lunges 2 X 45 sec intervals: Start in a split, lunge position (one leg out front, the other behind). From the position jump upward, while in the air switch positions. Switching positions means the leg that was in front should now be behind you, and the leg that was behind you should now be in front of you. Perform the jumping and alternating for as many repetitions as possible within the 45 sec bouts.


Quarter Squat Jumps 2 X 45 sec intervals: Using the same position as Air Squats (feet are shoulder width apart), squat down to a quarter of the way down. From this quarter squat position, perform an explosive vertical jump. Reset to your start position and go again. Perform as many repetitions as you can within the 45 sec bouts.


Cool down

A cool down is highly suggested. Slow walk, lots of various static stretching, mobilizing with a racquet ball and/or foam roller.


This is a very basic and effective routine to follow that requires little to no equipment. Exercises can always be supplemented or scaled to increase/decrease intensity. Simple ways to lighten the intensity would be to increase rest, decrease interval time, or decrease number of bouts. Vice versa to increase intensity. This workout can be done daily and works all of your muscle groups.


Thanks for stopping by and maybe I’ll see you on the blog again soon! 



I hope you find my little brother’s workout helpful. Please try it and let us know what you think. If you are looking for more fitness tips, be sure to follow Josh on Instagram @Joshusgascans


Thanks for stopping by the link up and be sure to join us next week as we kick off our month of love! Every week we will be sharing things we love recipes, home décor, products, links, etc. Next week I’m sharing a little DIY Valentine.


Happy Hump Day



Amber J.


(Josh and my sister Danielle)