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I'm Amber, the owner of Bailey & James! I'm originally a Missouri gal but have found a home and fallen in love with West Michigan. I'm a coffee addict, some say a workaholic 😆, obsessed with my dog Bailey, and a genuine believer that hard work is the stuff that makes dreams happen 👊🏼 I'm so grateful for the people who have followed along and been the best cheerleaders.

Bailey & James was born out of my passion to create beautiful things for the people I love and I'm so happy I'm able to share a little piece of that with you in our happy shop. 


You may ask, "Why Bailey & James?" Bailey is my beautiful pup. Our house pretty much revolves around her. She is a crazy diva dog and the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. If you can find soul mates in animals, pretty sure she is mine.  James is the middle name of my best friend and husband, Brian James. He's pretty much amazing. He really is my biggest supporter. 

Being a small business owner isn't easy, but your support makes it worth it!






T H E  G A L  B E H I N D  B A I L E Y & J A M E S

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